My name is Justin Insalaco, I am the Co-Founder of Guidant, and a law enforcement veteran out of New Jersey.  I wanted to take a minute to thank you for stopping by our website and tell you our story.  I was hired in West Windsor, NJ at the ripe age of 20.  Growing up in the 90s I did everything on a cell phone.  When I was fortunate enough to start a career in Law Enforcement, I started to notice some disparity in the technology that I was accustomed to.  We had a plethora of very robust systems, that were not very user friendly. None of which were truly mobile.  I began to notice one constant in my short time in the field, my cell phone.  No matter what time of day, no matter what part of town I was in, I always had it with me.  I started to dream of a technology that would allow me to access every piece of critical information I needed to make me more efficient.  I dreamed of Guidant.


Then the progression, I knew having access to this critical information was paramount to successfully complete my job, what I still didn’t have was the ability to share information seamlessly between agencies. Things were happening all around us, and unless I could recall everything that came through the fax machine I was useless.  The level of disconnect between the information pouring in from other agencies, to the actual information I was receiving was staggering.  The United States sets the standards in Law Enforcement practices, yet we are the most decentralized police community in the world.  What if we could patrol our townships and cities, but yet have a medium that connected us as one? We could as a whole provide better protection to the citizens of this country, and our brothers and sisters in blue.


This leads me to our mission:

Providing and sharing critical information seamlessly, in a turn-key application that actually makes sense.


If you are a Law Enforcement professional, you understand the gravity of the world we live in.  School shootings, Critical Infrastructure poised for acts of terrorism, or even a missing juvenile, our application allows us to share, disseminate, and retrieve the information we need in seconds.  As some members of the public try to divide us, we work diligently to bring us together in response.