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Guidant Features

Guidant is the pivotal, singular solution to access critical information when seconds count. Customized notification platform allows officers anywhere to operate together by sharing critical information regardless of municipal boundaries, agency divisions, or IT networks

  • Policies and Procedure

    Immediately access your departments policy and procedure at your fingertips

  • Critical Infrastructure Mapping

    Instant access to layouts of business', schools, malls, residential complexes and faith-based facilities

  • Instant Image Upload

    Quickly upload and disseminate pictures and/or files right from your mobile device

  • Interoperability

    Guidant’s versatility allows any officer with the app to be networked quickly and easily with any other officer

A Comprehensive Tool

The Guidant application allows on-site personnel the ability to quickly push out building floor plans, real-time descriptions of suspects and their locations, digital images, situational updates, response tactics and other alerts to their counterparts, supervisors, law enforcement responders and partner agencies using the mobile application on their smart phone or iPad.

Rapid Access

Immediately access your Guidant App straight from your homescreen.

Turnkey Implementation

Use from day one, no training or on-boarding headaches.

Easy to Customize

Administration chooses layout, instant customization.

Secure Connection

Complete, multi-step, SSL authentication.


Ensure that all users receive the appropriate, pertinent information.


Full 24/7 access to suite of support services .

Guidant at a Glance

In the wake of events in Paris and San Bernardino and as terrorist groups increase their focus on soft targets like malls, office complexes, houses of worship, schools and movie theaters, this tool – which offers responders greater access to real-time, accurate and critical information on a secure network – is needed now more than ever. The introduction of Guidant - which was developed in coordination with national security experts and Argonne Labs increases the effectiveness of daily law enforcement and security operations and, more importantly, the effectiveness of multi-agency response to any threat scenario.

  • Immediate Dissemination
  • Cross-Agency Communication
  • Knowledge-Based Notifications
  • Mobile Document Management

The Faces of Guidant

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